Valdaar’s Fist



Dragma’s Keep is built on the Dungeons & Dragons universe. While some authors take a liberal interpretation, this author keeps the writing true to gaming universe. There is a nice depth of story with a rich back story. If you like stories by R. A. Salvatore, you will like Dragma’s Keep.”

— “Just Another” (Amazon reviewer)


If you loved Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit this is a MUST read. I found myself so intertwined with the story and the characters that I could not put it down. I cannot WAIT for the next book!”

— Kellie (Amazon reviewer)


What a talented Storyteller. Kept me on the edge till the very end and left me waiting for the journey to continue!”

— Anonymous (Barnes & Noble reviewer)



The continuing journey leaves you holding your breath waiting for Hero’s to prevail. Bring on book three!!!!”

— Anonymous (Barnes & Noble reviewer)


The author will keep you in suspense on this one. Lots of surprises around every turn as the collection of people in this volume lead you through some very tough situations. The only problem is I have to wait for the next book to follow them through the trouble they seem to get themselves into. I look forward to the rest of the adventure. The author truly had a good time writing this one.”

— Jim W. (Amazon reviewer)


Once again, the epic story continues! I highly recommend reading this series if you love the fantasy genre! I have started on book three already and hope to stay far enough behind the author so that I never have to wait for a book 🙂 Keep the books coming!”

— Scott P. (Amazon reviewer)



This is book three of a series of stories that take place in the Dungeons & Dragons world. This story sees developments in the plot and the relationships between the characters. The story is a well written fantasy adventure.

My favorite part of this book was taking a realistic view that a small band can’t necessarily achieve great things. Over the course of the story the adventurers encounter new enemies and gain new allies, if in unexpected ways.”

— Just Another (Amazon reviewer)


Can’t wait for the next book. Or the first movie. Vance, I read most of it this weekend, I’m addicted. Give me more. I’m waiting impatiently for the Platinum Dragon. Quack!!!!!”

— Fay (Amazon reviewer)


The third book in the Valdaar’s Fist seires was one heck of a ride. Every other chapter the story got more interesting. The battle scenes were quite intense, and I was sure some of the main characters were done for!
I give this book 5 stars because it left me wanted book.”

— David S. (Amazon reviewer)



Well what an AWESOME book and series. I finished reading book 4 last night and just an amazing way to finish up the first series. I am looking forward to the second series.”

— Robert C. (Amazon reviewer)


The fourth, and final book, of the Valdaar’s Fist Series was, yet again, an unstoppable page-turner.

The author must now a thing or two about boating (or at least learned it) because the descriptions of the seagoing vessel were spot on. I felt like I was on the boat with the companions.

I feel like the author’s skill increased over time (just like the companions in this book) because the words used and the direction of the plot didn’t seem amateur at all.

5 stars all day, everyday, for this book. Keep your tissues close, however.”

— David S. (Amazon reviewer)


This whole series is a MUST READ!!!

Loved the heck out of this!!! Can’t wait to see what Vance brings to the table in his next books centered around this world!

If you love Fantasy and need a good read, I definitely recommend reading this whole series!!! Fast paced, good background, and good interactions among the characters!”

— Scott P. (Amazon reviewer)